Enter The Unknown

TODAY, I ventured out to some woods and tooks some photos. Unknown, yes. 

It was part of a friend of mines film production, called “enter the unknown”. The basis of it is a film regarding two separate characters in a dream sequence, unknown and unknown 2.

We started off taking photos generally, to get an idea of what the area looks like. Thats one of the benefits of digital. Some of the unknown shots are fairly good, but the one i want to talk about is unknown 2. 

Unknown 2 is a dark, mysterious and unseemly character. Unknown 2 wears a long overcoat, and a cross. Unknown 2 is a sort of gothic character. This requires a different type of lighting to unknown 1. I wanted to aim for Low Key, but that didn’t really work. 

So, i found a tree. A tree with unknown 2 standing beside would work well. I placed unknown 2 besides the tree, and took some test shots. It looks like it will work well. 

Now for the kit to get the final shot. I used a Canon EOS 30D, and a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens. Flash units are a Canon 580EX II flash unit, and a Canon 430EX flash unit. The 580EX II was connected to the camera with the Canon Off Shoe Cord 2. It had attached to the front a honeycomb grid and barndoors, to soften and direct the light, and then avoid any fall off. The 430EX was diffused with a Stofen omni bounce diffuser. 

Also, some voice activated light stands were used. This is a term coined by a friend of mine (i believe) and refers to the art of a person holding a flash. They can be directed by voice, and therefore known as a voice activated light stand. 

The set up for the Camera and the 580EX II is shown here: 

Set up for 365/38

(By the way, always carry a camera phone or snapshot camera. Perfect for grabbing snaps of those fun moments, and set up shots. Also, note taking is easier, with voice notes or write a text message and save it in drafts)

The photo now:

Exposure was simple. I underexposed by about a stop and a half, to 1/125th of a second, at f/2.8, ISO 100. Don’t take exposure as gospel. This should be applied to situations as appropriate. Flash should be played around with, to balance natural and flash light. 

And now, the photo: 

365/38 - Unknown 2

Model: Leighton Owen. He is also director and producer of Enter The Unknown, due to be released early summer. 

Unknown 1 should be coming soon. 


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