Project 365

IF you go to Flickr and type into the search project 365, many thousands of images are thrown up.

These are all people that have started Project 365.

The project is basically one photo a day for 365 days. A whole year. The photo can be on anything you want. It can be self portraits, it can be featuring an item, it can be taken on a certain camera.

I decided to make the best photo of the day my photo 365.

One of Flickrs favourite 365-ers spoke to me a few months back, about the new year resolution of project 365. TheBrownHorse said it was a challenge to keep thinking of ideas, and ultimately he met new people and developed his photography through the project. Much like i hope to.

If you want to know more about my photos, click the photos link on the right hand side of this blog to go to my flickr site.


6 Replies to “Project 365”

  1. Hi, I just recently began a 365 project after looking for a while at a way of getting something going, as I am fairly new to all of this.

    Obviously it gets people thinking and opens up new ideas, sites like this and the groups on flickr really help when inspiration starts to fall away.

  2. I just recently started my own Project 365 and it’s really interesting to try and capture one whole day in one photo.

    It can be tiring and sometimes I even wanted to quit and I’m only doing it for a little over a month, now. But I’m not gonna quit it so easily..I really hope so.. 🙂

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