Films and Film Shots

I, like a lot of people, watch films.
I don’t watch a lot though – I’m not an avid obsessive film watcher. But i do like the cinematography in films.

Life Ring in Albert Dock

As you can see, this shot uses a very low depth of field. f/1.4 to be precise. It is also cropped to anamorphic format, 2.35:1 ratio. That is one of ratios films use or used to use.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, i believe one picture, well shot, can also tell a storyboard or screenplay. It doesn’t come naturally though. Its through inspiration. Watching TV and films is the essential part, but to get shots like this

Lorry Film Scene

You need inspiration from other photographers.

One i found recently is Dom Cruz. He uses a Canon 135mm f/2L USM lens. That, along with the 35mm f/1.4L and the 85mm f/1.2L, is widely regarded to be amongst the best of Canon Lenses. The quality of the photographs and the way in they are taken are regularly commented on and liked.

Another photographer on Flickr known for cinematic style photographs is Concrete WIndow. Using a standard Nikon 50mm Lens, he has managed to make standard city photographs very slick and sharp, and much like films. He hasn’t posted a photograph for a while now, but the ones still on flickr are of an excellent quality.

Just looking at these different photographers gives you ideas and inspiration.

Prom Anamorphic

Images like this show a story, i believe. The light is also like a film, and shown in Black and White i believe emphasises the difference between the light and dark areas, and also gives more prominence to the subject (i.e. the people walking).

I really enjoy this type of photography, making film like shots. And when you let your imagination run wild, you can get big stories spouting off. And you can almost see it before your eyes.

If only i had the tools and kit to make an actual film.

I wonder, are you inspired?


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