IT’S all about the portraits.

Dan Porter

I used a Canon Speedlite 580EXII flash on this one. It was bounced at around 60 to 75 degrees with the white bounce card. I also used a 430EX speedlite as a side light, and provided rim light around the side of the microphone.

Portraits are a challenge for any photographer. It’s getting the right shot to suit the model. Its the background. It’s the light. It’s the context. It’s the communication. It’s the pose. Yes, for some photographers, especially the top fashion, it comes naturally, but its still a challenge when you think about these.

What you looking at

The context here is pretty good. Lighting on this is totally natural, diffused window light. The sun – massive direct light source. With cloud, big soft light source. With a window, you essentially have a big softbox. With this, i used the window light to light the face. Lens used was a 50mm f/1.8 – and the angle used corresponds with his pose. Slightly jaunty angle mixed with strange expression emphasises the “what you lookin’ at” effect.

Karl Davies

This one is another presenter photo. Karl Davies, who did the Tudno FM breakfast show. This was taken on Llandudno’s sea front – relevent as its the area he broadcasts in. Good model to be honest, Karl knows when to pose and what he wanted out of it, so easy to work with. Hard work was the technical side. I had hard sun light on one side and wanted to keep a decent balanced exposure. The hard side sunlight worked well for some shots, but not so well for shots like this. So i needed to make it work for me.

Canon 430EX mounted on the camera, straight at him. Set to ETTL to balance with the exposure, and upped it a bit, so i could raise the exposure to keep the background lit. It gives him a nice, tanned look. Sidelighting from the sun works well now, as the exposure is balanced. This gives a nice highlight to the side of his face and clothes, and a good rim light around the hair on that side. It also gives the shot some more depth – a bit more 3D.

The Looking Glass

This shot is one of my best so far i believe. It was essentially a grab shot. My brother was messing around with the mirror, so i grabbed this shot of him using a 50mm f/1.8 . He wasn’t looking at the camera in either of the two faces in the reflection, which i believe works as it gives a moodier feel. High contrast and editing work well in this, as the high ISO meant more grain. Very little detail, dark shadows and very high highlights works well to give a high/low key mixed shot, which made the best of poor lighting conditions.

Hopefully, you got some sort of idea of why some of my shots exist.

Different thinking for all the different shots helps you to be creative and get the ideas you want.

Soon, i will be doing a presentation on Strobism for the Llandudno Camera Club. I will blog on that nearer to the time.


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