So, Mr Stuart… tell me…

FIRST of all, this post is an invite to you. Yes you, the world. And the known universe. Even unknown, at a push.

Basically, i’m new here. And you can be forgiven for thinking “who is this guy, professing all he knows about photography.”

Well, now’s your chance to change this.

Ask me. Ask me a simple question. Leave it in the comments, or email it to me by by clicking here.

I’ll give you a head start. I live in North Wales when at home, the West Midlands when in uni. My kit is listed here. And, i have 2 dogs. More questions? sure.. fire away!

If you want to get answers to life’s important questions, and some not so important ones, consider, going along to Answer Me This Podcast. The people who make this take questions on a wide variety of subjects. Helen and Ollie are regular contributors on Richard Bacon’s fivelive phone in. I also recommend the Richard Bacon show, and it’s particularly good when Bacon throws himself into it.

So, SHH!

And throw me some questions this way, if your so inclined.


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