The M6

SO, this part of the country – i’ve visited it a lot

This flyover on the M6 is easy to get too, and you get some fairly decent shots. Such as this:

M6 Southbound

Lights, at night, running wild. Easy shot to do. Lock it off on the tripod, and leave it for a while to run. You can vary the shots with ambient light or pure night. This has pretty much pure night.

Or you can do images like this:
Motorway Restart

This was a lucky shot – A motorway restart. The cars came round the corner, slowly, and i caught them at 215mm.

Top Gear M6

However, you can also make shots like this, with some good work. I used some filters for this. The ones i used were:

Cokin P197 Sunset Filter
Cokin P121L ND2 Grad
Cokin P121 ND8 Grad

It’s not called it, but known as, the “top gear” effect, primarily because they use the graduated coloured filters for cars, along with high contrast, to make extremely well shot programmes.

It all culminated in this:
365/49 - Going Nowhere Fast
Day 49 of my 365 project.

I guess the moral of the story, even though there isn’t much of a story, is too keep visiting the same places if you find a good location. Same works with journalism – keep talking to people if you have a good contact or source.

You never know what you might find


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