Mercian Regiment Soliders March Through Hanley To Say Goodbye

SOLDIERS from Staffordshire are preparing to move homes.

Soldiers from Staffordshire are preparing to move homes.

The 3rd Battalion the Mercian regiment are going to be relocating to Germany later this year.

The 3rd Batallion Mercian regiment said goodbye to the city that’s supported them on saturday.

They’ve had the freedom of the Stoke-On-Trent for 62 years.

One last recruitment drive was had before they up sticks for Falligbostel next July.

People of all ages had a go on climbing walls. They had a tank out, which children were able to sit in.

They were joined with the South Staffords in 1959 to become the Staffordshire Regiment. In 2007, they merged again to become the Mercians.

Shoppers and well wishers lined the streets to bid them farewell. The regiment joined the Lord Mayor of Stoke-On-Trent and Peter Moxon OBE, a Deputy Lieutenant in a salute infront of the Stanley Matthews Statue.

They have three hundred years of history behind them for the next 10 they will be Germany.

Andrew Stuart, for Staffs News.


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Photos of the event to follow, later on


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