To put it all in “Focal”

RADIO presenters need presenter pictures.

So thats what i was tasked to do.

The decision was, they needed the pictures for presenter and news team official photos.

Tom Kingham

The idea was to have them in the studio, next to the radio desk. Yes, cheesy. Cheesy radio presenter photographs, but in my opinion, it works. Your in the environment they love, and they work in. It makes for a more natural shot – in my previous experience, all radio presenters love being in the “hot seat!” It’s the simple joy of being behind a radio desk, with a microphone to talk at, and much music at your disposal. Everyone i know really enjoys it.

Michelle and Tom Laughing

You also need to show the dynamic between teams. And when your going to be getting up at silly o clock, long before the sun rises, then your going to need a good dynamic. Luckily, it is to be seen here, between Michelle and Tom. Michelle is the breakfast newsreader, and Tom the breakfast presenter. Waking you up every day from 6.

Listen in soon, and check this blog for more updates.


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