The Sun Has Got His Hat On…

AND he’s coming out to play.

He does that most mornings – well, to be perfectly honest, every morning. It’s always nice to see it.

The best part of the sun rising in the summer? It’s when you see it yourself. Because, at around 5am in the morning, by the sea, no one is around. Also, it’s so quiet and peaceful, even in a town that gets amazingly busy. Llandudno has around 20,000 people resident there, and over the summer, with all the hotels full up, that figure can double.

The Sun

Wales isn’t exactly land of the rising sun, but it does look awesome in the early hours. In fact, i struggle to find anyone that is amazed by sunrise.

The one place to enjoy it is along the Llandudno Promenade.

The sun rises in the east. So, the best point, as far as i am concerned, is overlooking the pier, to the east, as the sun rises over it. The colours in the pre-dawn light are fantastic. Different warm hues in a clear morning sky, clean of air trails and traffic exhaust, and the close to silence is simply amazing.


It looks like it’s evening, but in actual fact, it’s 4:30AM BST on the 1st of June, 2007.

Pier Before Sunrise

The pre dawn colours looking over the pier, into the east. 4:27AM. Different angle, different colours.

Llandudno Pier Sunrise

In this shot, i have moved a bit. Just in front of the Llandudno Pier entrance, with the sun rising over it. 5:09AM on the same morning. The sun rose, and the colours in the sky change, quite amazingly.

Pier Sunrise

At 5:16AM, the sun is rising and the colour is pretty much set. However, it doesnt stop the need to get the really really nice photos.

Also – I talked a lot about the colour in this. But, why do we need colour? In fact, why do we even need digital.


It was taken on Ilford Delta 3200 film, at the same morning – as you can see, the moment of sunrise. Grainy, black and white, wide image, with good contrast, all add to the serene, spooky feel to the image. Amazing what sort of a different mood a lack of colour can portray.

Ok, we’ve talked a lot about Llandudno. Now, on to Staffordshire.

Field at Sunrise

Very close to the M6, South of Stoke-On-Trent. In a field, on wingfield lane. No people in the field, but the noise of cars thundering past – ok, not loads at silly o clock on a sunday morning, but still, a fair few.

The colours you get are still some of the best in the world – anywhere in the world (the sun does cover most of it for most of the year), you will get nice sunrise colours.

And without further ado, i wish to present my very best sunrise shot. Llandudno, over the Pier:

Pier Sunrise

Thats a reason to get up early, if ever there was one


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