Sharing – It’s good for the soul.

SHARING photos can be good for soul. However, it is also bad for the wallet, if the photo you want to share is the same photo other people want to pay a lot of money for.

The Elysee exhibition in Switzerland, a few years ago, used the phrase “we are all photographers now”. First: that phrase. We are all photographers now. Most people have a camera phone, and a lot of people have a digital camera or film camera on them at all times. There are cameras built into computers, and we can have CCTV systems, cameras built into intercoms, you name it… there are literally cameras everywhere.

But one way to share photos and get your photo in an exhibition? Very hard work, and there is no one way of doing it. So, the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, asked for submissions of photographs. Digital images to be projected, for 10 minutes at a time, onto a wall in a museum so people walking past could see them. A bit like this:

Elysee - All Photographers Now! (2007-04-10, 3.00PM)

And this:

Elysee - All Photographers Now! (2007-04-24, 5.23PM)

These are my photos on an exhibition wall. It was an amazing idea, and they got lots and lots of submissions. It’s all part of sharing photos in the wider community, which sites like Flickr do – but only to like minded people.

Those who visit galleries may not have visited Flickr – but now, they have seen my photos.

It’s all part of the wider context though. Because we all have camera phones, we are photographers. So, if a news story breaks and we are there, we can take a photo. We are paparazzi, we are Photojournalists, we are artists – all in one body and camera.

The news photographers, and more commonly now, videographers, will never be replaced. Still images which tell the story have been around for over a hundred years, and will be around for a lot longer. Video, in the moving form it is in, has been around for a while, and again will be around for much more.

Photography has never been so popular.


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