On the move…

MOBILE phones now have some pretty good cameras.

365/69 - TV Gallery

That was taken on my Nokia N95 8GB phone. This camera phone works very well, and i would recommend it to people if you were considering an upgrade.

The advantage of a camera phone is you dont need to carry your SLR with all places – such as on nights out. Its also good for grabbing a quick snap shot of a scene, or set up shots when your doing Strobism

I have also just recently acquired through means of my contract with o2 an Apple iPhone. People say the camera isnt the best – well, its still pretty good!

What i want to know is, whats your favourite camera phone? Discuss below.


One Reply to “On the move…”

  1. I’ll tell you waht has a rubbish camera – the samsung U600. YOu need a hand as steady as a rock to take teh pic, and then wait about 10 seconds for the thing to focus and snap.
    Complete rubbish!
    The iPhone camera is great in comparison!

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