Project 365

PROJECT 365 is a big ask – it requires a lot of dedication to taking photos. Not that photographers don’t have that anyway.

When writing this blog, this was the latest photo I have published on my Flickr photostream:

365/70 - Regent Theatre

The Regent Theatre in Hanley with people there. The one thing about this shot is the ways in which i went to get it. I wasn’t in Hanley at the time i thought of it – rather, i was in my living room watching TV i believe. I specifically decided i needed to go out and take a photo, and i knew Hanley had delights to be proffered to me.

Its a case of factors coming together – I didn’t realise the show that was on was just about to finish, so i got a lot of people around me. That was surprising, at that time of night in Hanley. Pleasantly surprising.

I also met someone i knew on the streets. So yeah, events happen. Fate? I don’t know – probably not. All i know is, i got a good photo.

365/01 - A New Beginning

I have posted this shot on my blog before now – on my first post. Its some champagne bottles with the insides of party poppers all over them. It was set up, and it symbolises the start of a new year. Simply, much champagne and partying! This was easy to take, because it was just a quick set up and shoot. An easy start to a year of taking photos.

365/21 - Going Back

This on the other hand was slightly more difficult – involving strobism and the rest. Strobism is basically using off camera flash in different weird and wacky ways! This, to be fair, is a normal way, but i still had to play around with what i had. And what i had was a cut out box of strongbow with some white copy paper over the hole to create a sort of softbox.

This was bounced upwards to be reflected off a white shelf, which created an a softer, more even, light source:

Set up shot for 365/21

Some shots are all about getting as much in as possible:


Using the Sigma 10-20 set wide at 10mm, i decided on this day to find something which would fill a wide frame as my shot. So i went driving, and found this at the start of the Trentham Gardens estate.

it works well, with a nice low angle. And a lot of my shots also seem to have been taken at night, which i think makes this work a lot better. Night is good for a lot of photography – it creates better photos because its angles and things how you normally wouldnt seem them.

Soon, i shall take another look at some of my 365 photos. But for now, i shall go and find my next photo.

Hopefully, you shall also be inspired to take a photo…. or 365


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