Strobism In The Hills

STROBISM is the one thing I do go on about a lot. And that is simply because its fun.

Over the easter weekend, my friend Rob and I went out to Snowdonia.

There Basically.

And i went out taking photos. I exposed the pictures for the sun – the sun is extremely bright, especially when looking directly at it (which is never recommended). I had to stop it all the way down to use the Canon flash sync speed of 1/250th of a second.

I used a 17-85mm lens, and my Speedlight 580EX II on the Off Camera Shoe Cord 2. Angled to the side and below, and with fill from the 430EX fired wirelessly (who says Canon’s wireless flash doesnt work outdoors!) I managed this:
365/101 - Lighting with the sun in shot.

As you can see, lots of lens flare because of lots of dust on the lens. Needed to clean. But it works. I managed to light Rob and keep the back exposed. Its an interesting style of shot which works well for dramatic fashion portraits, especially with sunny clothes.

Also, from using the 580EXII angled to the camera left and down, I got this one

With the Sun

It looks like a spotlight – because his clothes aren’t smooth, and he has the long hair and facial hair, the strong light works well. If i had a female model with nice clothes, diffusion would have been in order. Also, a coloured gel over the flash to light up the skin and give it a tanned feel.

Last one I have (and one of the first shots) is this:


Side lighting and exposed for the sky. If i took it as a normal shot, the sky would be bleached out and white – because it has some detail its very interesting, even though its a plain shot.

Looks hard, actually fairly easy to do. All you need is the kit.


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