THIS blog is supposed to be about my photography, and it is for the most of it. But I do work in three (or four) mediums: photography, internet, video if you count it and audio for my radio work.

So, I thought i would share some of my radio work. A few weeks ago, it was the 40th anniversary of Concorde. Concorde was the fastest and possibly most recognisable of jet airliners, ever. I can’t say the 20th century, because air travel was invented in the 20th century, therefore its pointless.

Legend Of The Skies

I think thats instantly recognisable. This is G-BOAC, based in Manchester Airport. G-BOAC is one of the legends of the skies for many reasons. One primary one being that it was the first to do four transatlantic flights in one day.

I spoke to Russell Craig from Manchester Airport about Concorde on it’s 40th birthday:

What will be the next big thing in jet airliners?


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