It is the new tool for journalists and the public alike.

If your a member of the public, you can use it to post an audio version of a Facebook status update, or a Twitter tweet. It can even be an audio version of a Youtube video.
Listen to the founder of Audioboo, Mark Rock, explain the idea behind the concept. The audio shows the exact point of Audioboo. It’s raw, it’s unedited, it’s far from perfect, but it is the best possible thing – its raw and ready.

This is Audioboo main menu
Audioboo Menu

From here, on your iPhone, you can select other peoples Boo’s. Famous people that have posted a Boo include Rory Cellan-Jones off of the BBC, and the unstoppable (in social networking terms) Stephen Fry. Take a listen to one of his Boo’s on a spring walk:

This is the screen you get when recording. When you have recorded it, you click upload to the server. If you have a linked account, you can post it to your personal Audioboo account, or if not it will post as the boobot, and do it anonymously. It’s quick and easy to set up an account on this, and after you have an account, your twitter and facebook profiles can be linked to it, to be automatically notified when a new boo is posted, and requesting that people go listen to it.

Richard Bacon off Five Live uses Audiboo on his iPhone to promote his show, and I also do the same, with Focal Radio in Staffordshire and Cheshire, thus making it a very good promotional tool for radio. He did indeed post a photo – here it is: Richard Bacon from Five Live

As a journalist, it is extremely good. Listen to the quality of the Boo’s, and think. A journalist, out on the scene, for a local radio station, would very likely not have access to a satellite to wire reports back. And 3G would take too long. So, record the interview or a quick filed report into audioboo, and upload. Team back at base have your Audioboo account linked to the podcast selection in iTunes, and update it when you give them word. Voila, a report filed, in better quality than a phone, and very very nearly as quick as. The Guardian recently used it to good effect, to cover the G20 protests.

Overall, a good tool, well worth looking at. And it will be available with other handsets very soon, according to the developers.


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