The Victorian Extravaganza

EVERY year the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza comes to pass – often without a moan or two from the locals, but, as for the past 23 years, everyone has been pleased.

Being a 20 year old person who has lived in Llandudno for 10 of those years, as far as I can see, the Extravaganza is there to encompass some of the best parts of the British history to celebrate, and some of the best things we British still have. The seaside and an ability to have a good time.

Indeed, one of the best attractions of the Extravaganza is the characters we all remember from childhood. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is one film many people, old and young (and those in between) well remember.


The man who owns the Chitty is a man called Pierre Picton. He brings the car to extravaganza, and has done for many years. I spoke to him this year – what a wonderful man he is:

Does this dress work?

Each year the extravaganza attracts many people to Llandudno – they visit the cafes, shops and pubs, and they enjoy what is put on for them by the extravaganza committee. The former chair, Gareth, spoke to me about what the weekend has for the many thousands who enjoy it each year:

A lot of people do enjoy dressing up:
A lot of them are here, really, for the weekend to enjoy it, and get into the spirit of the occasion. This year, staff from all around the town, in pubs and arcades were dressed up. Those who were able to go out and enjoy it spoke to me:

All parts of victorian life were portrayed in the extravaganza. These doctors were performing some victorian surgery:


I was lucky enough to speak to Matron, and she told me what they were doing:

The parade always has a bit of everyone on it:

That Looks Fun

It looked like a lot of fun to bang those drums, and they seemed to enjoy themselves. If you want a taster of what the parade sounds like – well, listen here

The engines themselves were brought down to the extravaganza by people who have spent years of their lives, and much more in effort, restoring and maintaining these engines.
Little Mac is one of the ones, and the engine is from Staffordshire. The owner of Little Mac spoke to me about the engine:

Little Mac

And finally, Llandudno is twinned with Wormhout. The representatives of wormhout came over this year, and paraded throughout the town:

Allo Allo

They spoke about why they they come over and how they much they enjoy this:

It’s enjoyed by pretty much everyone, and will be back next year. In 2011, the extravaganza celebrates its 25th anniversary, and they require your help in making it the best yet.


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