Save Our Sounds

Picture the Scene.

You are in your hotel room, and your going out. You go down the hallway, to the lift. Down in the lift, and the out into the street. You walk for a short distance past some traffic, maybe a bus, at around 8:30pm. You walk into the Tube station, scan your oyster card, and get to your tube. It comes into the station, you sit on it, and go to your destination.

You can picture all that? Good. Because your not getting any pictures. That was my journey this evening. Listen to it now:

It’s part of a new set of programmes by the BBC World Service. It’s called save our sounds – and it aims to get you listening to more sounds around you. I noticed a few things on that sound clip i posted for you. The buzzing between my room and the lift. The phaser style effect on the beeping for the tube doors. And the background noise in the tube station. These sort of sounds aren’t always noticeable. When your busy trying to get your tube, very little stops people from moving forward – that can be to the detriment of others, but that’s another blog post!

You can find out more here:

All you need to do if you want to take part for the programme is to record your sounds, and submit them when they ask for them. I recorded this on a Marantz PMD 620 Digital Recorder using the built in mic, but you can use pretty much anything as long as it gives you a decent (broadcast) quality audio file (WAV is best), which you can hear all the sounds with. I’m guessing the Beeb would use HHB Flashmics for simplicity – but they are pricey for the average punter.

Or, i urge you to just listen. Listen to the sounds around you. Take it all in.

It’s pretty good…


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