Sounds – On the Radio!

OI.. ‘ave you heard it yet… it’s on that radio.. the sound thing.. yeah, BBC_SOS – aye, thats right… it’s that Kate!

Yes, Kate, AKA RadioKate on Twitter was on Tudno FM earlier today! She was talking to no other than me – Andrew Stuart – on Tudno Talks.

We discussed the BBC SOS Project, which basically involves saving sounds – the sounds from all around the world which are becoming endangered. One instance which Kate has given is the 56K modem. We all remember them, i’m sure. Dialling, buzzing, whirring to life to give us access to the whole internet at a nice, sedate pace. Then, along came faster fiber optic cables, and broadband, getting rid of the 56K modem, and speeding up the world (ironically, making it easier to share the sound of anything – as i will do so now).

Recorded from my Tudno FM show this morning, here is Kate talking BBC_SOS with me:

And you can hear Kate, and not just her sounds, in crystal clear DAB quality (if you have a DAB radio), or on the other ways at around 11:45pm this evening on the Richard Bacon Show – broadcasting to all the listeners of Five Live, at the time of night when sound is the norm, or rather the lack of it!

It is also my duty, an honour and a privilege, to refer you to listen to the Richard Bacon show from 12:30am – No reason is allowed to be given. SHH!

It has also been blogged about by Lou Lesko in San Francisco. Go take a look, and spread the word! This is what he has to say about sound:

I tried this. I put on a pair of noise canceling headphones and walked around downtown San Francisco for a few hours. I looked like a candidate for the short bus, but the experience made me realize how much I depend on the ambient sounds of daily life that I normally take for granted. The lack of an aural dimension was maddening. When I re-engaged my ears I was near the cable car turn-around at the end of Powell street. The clang of the cable car bell brought back a flood of memories from high school.

That shows just how important the sound all around us is! You would notice if its gone, but do you notice what is there when it’s there?

In the interview, we talked about some tools for recording. They are

The Apple iPhone

Also, Voxie can record in 44kHz – but can’t upload and share like Audioboo. You will have to send the audio in manually.

Enjoy the interview – I did!


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