In case you have been living in a cave for the past few months (since it took off basically) – Tweeting is not what birds do any more. No. They do something else. Tweeting is using Twitter, the online tool where you can tell the world what they don’t really want to know or care about, but secretly everyone does. Online curtain twitching. That sort of thing.

I’m talking about it now because my trumpet has been taken out to be blown. Last post on this blog, and the resultant radio interview with Kate came from twitter information, retweets, and conversing in less than 140 characters (at a time..)

Now.. this: (Until i can embed the channel 4 video into wordpress – which is harder than it should be, click the link to see the video player)

Channel 4 News have a newsroom blogger who tweets information about the show at night. He said today that Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer was coming into the studio to discuss the fact Swine flu is now a global pandemic. He asked for questions. I gave 4 questions, almost instantaneously. And Jon Snow read out a question from me. How nice, the world of twitter gets your question onto Channel 4.

I think i’ll tweet some more.


One Reply to “Tweeting”

  1. twitter is going to explode one day causing catastopic situations! yes it has provided us with a cultural change in human society and communication but with the heavy work load it is still going to explode, leaving egg on our faces….o yes and btw…say YES to every thing….

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