Insight Into The Mind Of A Photographer?

LONDON can be very boring, really.

Yes – It’s big. Yes – It’s got a lot to do. Yes – it’s very cultural aware with many hundreds of languages spoken in the capital of one of the best countries on earth (Notice i said one of… they could all be the best, therefore, it might technically be the worst… ok….)

Well. It has these sights you see. Sights to you and me, home to the Queen and Prince Philip, etc. It’s called Buckingham Palace.

When i went there recently, i was in the middle of my work experience with the BBC. BBC Radio Five Live. News is my thing. Tourism, less so. But i went out because i wanted to “see” London. The best parts, the famous parts. And Buck House bored me. Nothing to take a photo of, not really. Then it struck me. All these people around me are really interesting. Interesting in the way i know nothing about them. So lets take photo’s of them.

To start with, I’m going to take a look at a place other than Buckingham Palace. Westminster, actually. Many interesting people there, quite a lot i’d like to be in a radio studio with a live mic with together. Because they would be really fun to interview!

But, the Tamil Tiger Protesters. I don’t know them. And probably will have no way of ever knowing them. But, aren’t they interesting:

Tamil Protestors

Now… Buckingham Palace. The people, actually. Yeah, let’s take a look at one or two. This guy had a Canon 5D MKII – incidentally, I’d love one. But what is he thinking?

Big Camera

This guy had to take a picture of his girlfriend outside Buck House. But, where did he come from? Does he earn nice money in a job he loves? How did they meet? Is he under the thumb?


Are these people having a nice holiday? Is three a crowd?

Say Cheese

Does it work? Does she know what button to press? How long has she had a mobile for? Is it even hers?

What button do i press?

Nice shirt. Why are you wearing that on a nice sunny sunday like today? Whats with the Nikon – what influenced your decision?

Everyone has a camera

Is the man a photographer? Are they looking for a good composition? Or is he just telling her how to use it? Does she know herself and teaching him? Who else will see this picture?

Is this right?

Did this man get the shot he wanted? Is he going to have to take it again?


Why do brits always do this when it’s a bit sunny and there’s some water!?

Enjoy The Sun

And finally… The big questions of all? Whats it doing here? Where is the reporter? Who is it? Is it live? Am i on national TV?

And we go live to Buckingham Palace..

See – loads of questions! But the answers aren’t always that amazing.

Never mind – street photography is very intriguing, and fun.


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