Election Pledges

JUST a word to any aspiring politicians.

if your going to do an interview as soon as you get elected, then be aware that the presenters are more than likely to rip you to shreds if you can’t show how your policies are going to work!

From Welcome To The North blog, who listened to BBC Radio Sheffield on June 8th, and heard this:

Toby Foster (BBC Radio Sheffield): Thanks very much for joining us. I said that we didn’t see it coming – did you see it coming? Did you expect to win?

Peter Davies: Well, well not really. A great friend of mine told me the night before I was going to get a great shock, and that I would win. I was thinking of saving the deposit at the time.

TF: I can imagine. What was it you think that made people vote for you?

PD: Well we were the only party who gave a distinctive agenda to the electorate. All the others talked waffle. I looked at all the leaflets, I couldn’t make anything of them all, they were all the same.

which went on too this:

TF: You actually don’t understand the laws, you don’t understand-

PD: Okay, I’m stopping this interview, it’s a complete waste of time, er, you’re not asking any sensible questions, and er, I really don’t want to continue.

TF: Peter, all I’m asking is how you’re going to deliver on your election manifesto?


TF: Well, I can assure you, that’s going to be one of the easiest he gets.

The sound clip is on the Welcome to the North blog linked to above. It’s a good listen.

Politicians, take note.


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