Kodak Six 20 Brownie ‘C’

A Kodak Six 20 Brownie ‘C’.

This was my grandfathers, and he passed it on to me years ago. It’s far too delicate and worn for use, so it’s essentially a very nice ornament, but what an ornament!

This was taken, really, for a new project by the BBC. It’s called SOS – Save Our Sounds. You can find out more about it by clicking here to go the world service page. You can listen to an interview with Kate, one of the team behind it, on this blog – just look for the Save Our Sounds Post.

It’s also Strobist, as well this.. so Strobist Info

1 x 580EXII Camera right, in ETTL, diffused by Barndoor diffuser and 80cm reflector diffuser, which was right over the subject, at an angle.

1 x 430EX Camera left, again at ETTL with 0EV compensation, no diffusion on this.

Silver reflector scrunched up and slightly behind subject to camera left, for a bit of fill.


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