Community Radio – The Introduction

IT really seems a while since I blogged about Radio related matters… Ok, not really, because that’s all I talk about on the internet a lot of the time

That sentence is like the popular (oft-changed) stat 60% of the time, it works every time!

Trust me – I’m not into making up statistics on the spot. In fact, I’m 97.8% sure I wouldn’t think of doing it! (Ok… I’ll stop).

Community Radio. Thats what this is all about. Well, not really this post, but a future post. I’m blogging about what I’m going to be blogging about. Yes, funny that!

Well, I work in community radio, on a station called Tudno FM.

Tudno FM Studio

We’re based in Llandudno, and broadcast within the specified transmitter range (I believe 5km) of Llandudno. I present a mid morning community talk/music show. It’s all about the community, and I talk to people as often as I can about community related issues. The show is a daily one, but I present only 2 days – tuesday and thursday. It keeps it fresh and keeps me away from the listeners! Even though I love being on the air, there’s an idea within radio that things should be kept short and sweet. It’s one that Chris Moyles doesn’t follow, it’s one that Tommy Boyd sniffs at, and it’s one that I’m not too sure I agree with – but the same person, over and over, can get… tedious. I think thats a word we’ll stick with.

Well, I’m writing this because I will blog, soon, about the impact of community radio. How it helps the area, what it does, it’s problems and benefits. And I’ve only just thought of the idea, and now i can’t get out of it.

Maybe, as It’s radio, I can do it as a radio documentary of some description. That would be interesting, I do believe.

So, to get me started, what are your thoughts on community radio? Do you listen? Do you like it? Is it up your street? Is it actually on your street, but you feel distanced? Let me know and I’ll answer your questions…


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