Listen all around…

A while ago (11th June, to be precise) I blogged about the BBC World Service Save Our Sounds project – fronted by no other than Kate Arkless Gray. That post is available by clicking here

I interviewed Kate on Tudno FM about this (and I might like to add, before BBC Radio Five Live did… just a small triumph. Richard Bacon has heard about it, BBC Radio Shropshires Jim Hawkins has heard about it (He is also on Twitter), and Rory Cellan-Jones has produced a piece for BBC Radio 4’s today programme about it, along with the fantastic iPhone application Audioboo.

Audioboo, along with people around the world owning recorders and microphones, has allowed many people to record sounds for inclusion on the world map of sounds available on the Save Our Sounds homepage.

However, one thing that is good is the retrospective of sounds that is going on. I was listening to many of the sounds on the map today, and one that is pretty amazing is from December 31st 2002, in Disentis, Switzerland. It’s fireworks and French horn in the Swiss Alps – the sound is amazing, because amongst the noise of fireworks you can hear the silence.

Other sounds have been picked up on, such as Horses in Kyrgystan, Madagascar’s lemurs, and A Day in Delhi.

These are only the sounds which are on the front page of the BBC World Service page. You have to go through the map to discover them all. And i urge you to do that – it’s fantastic what you might (and will) find!

It’s a great project, with so many possibilities. One of the documentaries has been broadcast already, and you can go to the website and hear it again. It’s which has captured the imaginations of many people around the world by storm. Many of these sounds could be dying out, and that is the essence of the project. Capture and hear them before it’s too late. Too often we rush through daily life without stopping to listen. Do it, before the sounds are gone forever.

Other people have blogged about it as well, including Lou Lesko of California. Check out his blog for his opinion on this.

You can follow Kate on twitter at, or the SOS account with all the updates from SOS towers is at


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