Andy Herbert – The Man Who Walked To Llandudno

JUST ask yourself the question, how far have you walked today? More often than not, it’s not 85 miles!

Well, thats exactly how much Andy Herbert walked last week. He went from Stoke-On-Trent to Llandudno. This is the route:

He did it in just under 2 days, starting about 2am in Stoke, and arriving in Llandudno at 5pm. He attempted the last leg at 8pm, arrving at the Alpine Lodge at the John Nike leisure centre ski slope about 15 to 20 minutes later! I went to speak to him, and started out by asking him how he got to Llandudno?

This was the end point:
Alpine Lodge

He used Twitter to keep the world up to date with his trip. We talked about the the old ways of doing things, like walking to places, meeting the new ways of communicating, and about why he used twitter to keep people up to date:

Quite a feat for no other reason than he wanted to.


3 Replies to “Andy Herbert – The Man Who Walked To Llandudno”

  1. Who is this loony? If he thinks walking from Stoke to Llandudno is dangerous he wants to try driving through Chell Heath of an evening.

    Next time you have to hit every pub on the way. See if that bothers ya.

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