Apollo 11 – 40 Years On

So – 40 years on. We landed on the moon, 40 years ago. Thats quite an achievement, if you think. We landed on the moon.

If you say it over and over, it still looks quite amazing. Have a look at this:

Tomorrow, on Tudno Talks on Tudno FM I shall be talking about the moon landings. Our main guest of the show will be Sir Patrick Moore of the BBC’s The Sky At Night. Sir Patrick will be talking to me about the landing itself, and the run up to the landings, and just how amazing it actually was.

I’m also speaking to Brian Woosnam of Llandrillo college and coastal astronomy society. He will be giving me an insight into what he felt when they landed, and the work the Astronomy society does. Brian himself has appeared on The Sky At Night programme a few times, and has contributed photographs on various events.

And also we will be speaking to Manuel Grande of Aberystwyth University. Manuel is part of the SMART 1 probe that is circling the moon and taking detailed photographs of the surface. He will be talking to me about the future of manned spaceflight to the moon.

Don’t forget – you can leave your comments as well – leave a comment on the blog, or call 07814 292224 and leave a message for me to play on the air!

And we also have a regular show as well. We are speaking to a man who walked 85 Miles from Stoke-On-Trent to Llandudno. Andy Herbert completed that feat last thursday and friday, and I spoke to him on the finishing line. You can hear that interview during the show.

The Wales in Bloom competition is taking place, and the judging was last Sunday. I went to speak to a few of the Llandudno In Bloom team and the judge herself. That should also be on the show.

And we are speaking about the website Welsh Icons – a fantastic site that celebrates all there is about Wales. And thats a lot.

Don’t miss the show – Tuesday, 21st July, 10am.
Tudno FM 107.8 in Llandudno
http://www.tudnofm.co.uk to listen online.

And catch the best, hopefully, afterwards on my blog.


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