Moon Landing Special – With Interviews!

Man has never been closer to the moon than back in those 3 years.

The moon above a lake of digital water

40 years ago today (July 21st UK time) Neil Armstrong, who grew up in Ohio and risked his life throughout his career as a USAF test pilot, set foot on the moon with those famous words.

“It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

3 years later we had stopped making those giant leaps. But that didn’t make the achievement of the first moon landing any less special. Today on Tudno FM 107.8 I celebrated that enormous feat by having a special show. I played music from 1969 to celebrate the year and spoke to numerous guests about that mission, Apollo 11. One of them was Sir Patrick Moore. We spoke about what an achievement it was, and the future:

And I also spoke to Brian Woosnam. Brian can be found on Flickr as Astrowoosie and part of the Llandrillo College and Coastal Astronomy Society. We spoke a lot about his experiences and memories, and what the society does.

And finally, on this subject, I spoke to Manuel Grande from Aberystwyth University. He is part of a team that is sending a probe around the moon at the moment, measuring radiation. We also spoke about the future of manned spaceflight to the moon.

And finally – for a bit of fun, here’s what a member of flickr has made:

Moon landing

Pretty cool, I think.

It was a very good show, hopefully listened to by many of Llandudno’s residents. I certainly enjoyed it!


4 Replies to “Moon Landing Special – With Interviews!”

  1. Hey Andrew this looks good and is well put together. You’ll have to call round to my house in the winter to view the Moon in one of my scopes.

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