Startrails 1 – August 22nd, originally uploaded by andrew.stuart1.

This is the result of many minutes of waiting.

I went out to the back of the Great Orme, on Marine Drive. Round there, there is no light pollution – Llandudno has it, but facing out to sea, there is nothing!

That is what you need for a good Star Trails shot. No light pollution.

And a Tripod.

And patience.

I waited for 50 minutes as 93 photographs took themselves, in succession. 30″ each. Then stacked them on a programme called Startrails (windows only, i think.)

And you get this.

I used a Canon EOS 30D with a Battery Grip to boost the battery life. A Sigma 10-20mm lens at 10mm and focus just before infinity was on the front, and a remote cord to keep it firing was used so I can sit back and watch Top Gear on my iPhone.

Well worth trying, just to see what you can get. They are fantastic, and i’ve seen some amazing ones around Flickr and the Web.



2 Replies to “Startrails”

    1. I would have got the same star trails, yes. But I would also have incurred more Hot Pixles on my sensor, and the background would have been considerably lighter due to light pollution bleeding through – and therefore fail to pick up the fainter stars. Also, If the camera was knocked in whatever way, then the whole exposure would be ruined (50 minutes worth) – whereas if it was knocked during one 30″ exposure, then for the most part, the final result is still safe.

      I’ve tried both – I like using the Bulb mode, but I prefer this way.

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