Conflicting Signals

I would like your opinion.

I posted this image to Flickr and also entered it into a creative competition at the Llandudno Photographic Society in the 2007/08 season.

Conflicting Signals

It received a mixed reception. Indeed, it won the competition – very good news!

Also, comments on the internet are appreciatice, such as:

Well done!
This is great stuff. The title and traffic lights were all I needed to laugh at the genius title and then I noticed the sign! Great stuff! Steffan Harries

I can see why it won. Great image Andy. Jonathen Harty

However, I do know a few of the members of the LLPS disagreed, and indeed some people can’t see why it won. It looks messy, it’s not a fantastic shot, and there were better images in the exhibition.

What you need to know is that it has no computer manipulation, save for basic RAW processing. The photograph was taken over a period of time enough for the traffic lights to change. The ambient light allowed the exposure to be as good, or rather, as it is.

Basically, I want to know what you think? Is this a good image, outright, or is it just a good creative image – or is it neither? Its verging on “new” styles of photography which I’m not too sure that club members are either in favour of, or up to.

If it helps, I like it.

To see some of the other entries into the creative competition that this won, then go to this page on the Llandudno Photographic Society site.


One Reply to “Conflicting Signals”

  1. Hey, Andy.
    I still think this is an awesome shot. The LLPS should be proud! I think looking back at this that perhaps a wider angle could’ve been a slightly more pleasing composition and maybe more traditional as long exposures go but it always good to push the boundaries 🙂

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