Newsreading – Is it really that easy, or is it hard?

First, this is the blog post to look at at my response to Sir Terry Wogan saying newsreading is easy!

Now, Richard Bacon on Five Live asked today “Is it really that easy, or is it hard?”

He invited callers onto the programme – and this is my attempt, judged by Richard Bacon, Rachael Hodges and Anne Diamond, no less.

It was a fantastic opportunity to do what I love on a station I’d love to work for, and be judged by some of the best. What do you think?

This was the bulletin:

Over fifteen hundred people were fined in Greater Manchester over the last 18 months for failing to make their children wear a seatbelt.
New figures show that almost 700 drivers were given fixed penalty notices for not securing children under the age of 3.

A 65 year old prostitute has been arrested by police in Mexico, on suspicion of murdering a pair of twin midget wrestlers.
Police suspect the brothers were drugged during an attempted robbery.

The defence industry is warning the government it can’t afford to axe its investment in research and technology.
The trade body — the Defence Industries Council — says pumping money into defence could provide a “path out of recession”.

Now, take a look at when it isn’t so easy…

Good Job, hard…. but you wouldn’t do it if you didn’t love it! I know i certainly wouldn’t!


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