Wax On, Wax Off

Wax On, Wax Off, originally uploaded by andrew.stuart1.

Wax On the Bottle.

So, I found a white sheet, and i’ve had this for years. Made by putting a candle in the wine bottle, we used to use these on christmas dinner tables in the pub. I’ve always meant to take a decent picture of it, and I think i managed it.

I had a white sheet, partially ironed (partially because I couldn’t be bothered to iron the lot – it was HUGE) – and set my Macbook up on a tethered connection to take some strobism shots of this.

In effect, this is a one strobe pony shot.

Problems – It looks like theres a big reflection on the left hand side, and maybe the front is too dark – but I still like the shot.

Strobism Info:

1 x 580EXII set at 1/2 Power just to the right of the subject, firing at 45 degrees to the white sheet. Bounced around and fill to the left provided with an 80cm Silver reflector.

PP Work was to process and lighten the background to the point of being blown out, and to Spot Heal in Canon Digital Photo Pro to cover up the white sheet at the start which wasn’t lit and in focus (you could see the creases). That occured from the lower 8th of the shot or so, and below.

Copyright Andrew Stuart 2009.
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