Derren Brown

Derren Brown last night predicted, accurately, the lottery numbers.

Edit – 11/9/09 @1510 – It seems this is probably the most accurate prediction:

As well as this:

Original Post:
There have been conspiracy theories bandied around as to how he actually did it. Well, lets have a go shall we? Ok.
1. The Delay

People have said the delay between analogue and digital could have something to do with it. Digital, through its very nature, takes longer to reach us on our television sets. They reckon a runner could have watched it on Analogue, and as most people watch on digital, he could have told Derren the numbers.

That leads us onto how would he get them right? Well, another theory is…

2. Digital Effect– whereby a computer froze part of the screen, and a runner or assistant either replaced or wrote on the balls to Derrens right (our left).

Why couldnt this have happened? Well, if you want to argue it over and over then it could be true. But, seeing as the camera was handheld, and it was the delay isn’t actually that big, I doubt it very much. Also, the balls looked computer printed.

Next, someone said the last ball was raised, a sign that it had been quickly placed there. Well, I think it’s because the container to hold them was simply too small, and as they cannot defy physics, then they had to put it like that without breaking the balls or watching them fly everywhere. Simple. Probably.

Actually, I do have a theory of my own.

I reckon he could have actually done it. through study of the sequences of numbers, even though they are random, and his actual brainpower, it is possible for him.

Maybe thats a load of old tosh? I don’t actually know. What I do know is that I have seen him live twice and he amazed me both times, met him once and he seems genuine, and watched numerous television programmes, and i’m, i suppose, a bit open minded about him.

For more theories, this is collating them all –

What I am looking forward to is the reveal on friday night.

It was amazing – the only thing I was annoyed about was the numbers. I had 2 + the bonus, and two others were one number either way. I could have had 4 + the bonus, or even 5, if he thought harder, and instead of predicting them, changed them!


5 Replies to “Derren Brown”

  1. I think his ego is too big to use an assistant, the TV screen could be the mask, he himself is slowed down while he has his hand over his mouth, then he walks round the back of the telly and replaces the balls himself.
    He’s been practicing getting back in the exact same position for a year, for this kind of clever camera trick.

  2. Good point, but he’s guaranteed a ratings smash for Channel 4 tomorrow night from people tuning in thinking the secret to winning the lottery lies in store. I doubt he will show how its done at all as I don’t think he’s ever really revealed any of his secrets. I posted the above to and it was deleted, so posted it again and a new message came up ‘waiting for moderation’ then it failed to appear. I posted a normal message and it appeared instantly. Maybe nothing in that, but since this afternoon I’ve seen the same theory gain favour cause as long winded as it sounds it’s pretty easy to do (as I’m sure as a parton of the media like yourself knows) and most magic tricks are pretty mundane and long winded when you find out how they are done.

  3. You know what Chris – we may all be completely wrong but that way of putting it is not entirely without merit. It sounds convincing enough, and it seems like it could work… It may well have been what they did.

    I’m just not convinced Derren Brown would have done that. Ok, it takes someone with his mind and power and authority to fool people, but why do that? Money? more fame?

    The idea itself is plausible. It’s the question as to why Derren would do it – people will just hate him afterwards.

  4. I may be completely wrong but it’s similar to something we did at iBeam broadcasting.

    The camera that it actually used to film Derren IS a mounted camera, the pointless cut away to the second cameraman was pre-recorded and is just there as misdirection to make us think it’s a hand held camera. So far so good, hand held camera = jerky movements.

    BUT the un-natural jerky movements are computer controlled via software with the left hand side being a freeze frame synced to the computer controlled movements. The jerkiness is misdirection to make the audience believe it’s a live shot when in fact a mask is in place to the area left of the tv screen and Derren.

    Once the split screen freeze frame is in place it allows an assistant to replace the balls by simply walking up to the balls and replacing them. Once done, the freeze frame is almost seemlessly faded back to the live shot. This is almost un-noticable apart from the far left hand ball rises slightly. Notice how Derren stalls for time after the balls have been read out by writing them down on a card, taking his time making conversation allowing enough time for the new balls to be set in position.

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