Derren Brown – The Reveal

Get 24 people in a room, make them predict their own lottery numbers after silly team bonding and remove any desire to win.

Genius or madness?

Clever TV I think.

Derren Brown, to me, is a fantastic person. A real star. A good trickster. And good TV.

Comments coming on my twitter seem to indicate they are not impressed with Derren Brown doing an hour of misdirection, but thats what he’s all about. Misdirection.

If you’ve never stood outside the gig at the end just to see him, then you’ll not know he had a twitch which made him look like he was sublimely saying he DID actually break the law, infiltrate the BBC (which must be where the balls are kept) and fix the lottery. But that would have been wrong. Very wrong.

So, even though he did not show us how he did it, I don’t think we have any reason to believe he did not correctly predict them. Thats all conspiracy.

The one thing he definitely didn’t show us was WHY they had the second camera and when did the show ACTUALLY go live? Was the first camera on a tripod. Looked like it. Either that or it was a steadicam with a really bad image stabilisation switched on.

Derren Brown, I still think your pretty good.


People will still think this happened.

And I would like to see the viewcount for this site

But the fact is, we will probably never know fully…

I just hope he writes all his secrets down, and we get to read them when he actually can’t tell us anymore…


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