Dayve Dean on the One and Other Plinth

Anthony Gormley, the man responsible for such sights as The Angel Of The North, is also the man behind the fourth plinth project called One & Other – in Trafalgar Square, London.

And now, local Singer/Songwriter Dayve Dean will be taking part.

This Friday at 9pm-10pm, he will be on the plinth, talking about Oxjam and the Nantwich Words And Music Festival. You can see it all live on the website for One & Other, or he may be featured on the highlights show on Sky Arts. Through the magic of the iPhone, he told me what he will be doing:

The Plinth exhibition has been running from July 6th, and will be going up until October 14th. There are 2400 places, and as of early September 24th, 34102 applicants for those places.

Dayve also explained a bit about the history of the plinth:

People before him have included singers, people just standing there, campaigners such as photographer Steven Brown campaigning for photographers rights, and Andrew West teaching the world how to do Plinthriller

Dayve can be contacted through his website,, and his music is available through his website, or iTunes.
Anthony Gormley’s One & Other is available at


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