Acoustic Sunday

The 2nd annual Nantwich Words and Music Festival took place this weekend in, of all places, Nantwich.

I managed to get along to one of the events: Acoustic Sunday. There were other gigs and events throughout the weekend, including Mark Radcliffe and the Family Mahones playing live, and poet Simon Armitage doing a reading.

Dayve Dean was there. I’ve blogged about him before as part of the preview post to the festival and him On Anthony Gormley’s fourth plinth project, one and other.

He was compering the Acoustic Sunday Event, and playing some of his music with Dan Logan.

Dan Logan Dayve Dean

Have a listen to some of the gig, through the genius of Audioboo. This is Starting Line:

Stewart Negus Singing to the Crowd

Stewart Negus was one of the performers, and he gave a fantastic show! Powerful, strong music and lyrics, sung by an amazing voice – made it well worth going along to.

Stewart Negus

As you can see from this photo, he puts a lot of effort into his singing.

Others that were there were the organisers of the event, Nigel Stonier and Thea Gilmore, with Claire ‘fluff’ Smith.

Fiddling with the Fluff. Thea Gilmore
L-R: Fluff, Thea

Thea Gilmore performed some fantastic music. Having never heard her stuff before, I was astounded. Some fantastic music, and i’m sure her many legions of fans would tell you exactly the same.

Fluff, however, is totally different. Fiddling about with her Violin, she added a different dimension to a lot of the songs by different artists – normally, your very happy with an acoustic guitar and microphone for an acoustic gig. This is intimate and different enough, but with a violin, that makes it fantastic. It’s an angle not normally heard, and makes the songs pop! Some very good fiddling.

Of course, we still had someone else to perform:

Rod Clements

The fantastic Rod Clements, who previously in the festival played with Michael Weston King, did a solo set, although he was accompanied by Nigel Stonier for one song which they co-wrote. Again, as someone who listens to modern pop and rock, it was an eye opener. Fantastic singers – you wouldn’t get a lot of bands nowadays performing in the corner of Costa Coffee on a Sunday afternoon in Cheshire, i’d wager.

But, Rod’s music was amazing, and he was a pleasure to photograph and enjoy. I don’t think I got as many photo’s as I would have like due to me enjoying the music!

When the festival returns next year, I recommend you go along even for just one of the gigs.

You can find out more by going to

You can also see more photo’s by going to my Flickr site


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