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It appears to me that I have not posted for a short while. In that case, here we go.

I recently started doing a photojournalism module at university. This is a great module, which gives me a reason to get up early and take photos. Something, which due to my other commitments to university, means I do less of. But, if taking photos is the commitment, then its amazing. And in October as well, which means the light between 9 and 11am is fantastic.

Urban Park

This photo I like. Its not technically perfect, and I can hear a judge saying that the red on the bottom left is overpowering and should be “cropped out”. But the fact is that this photo is the same size as I took it. No cropping. Also, the detail was kept in one shot. I used a filter, and the RAW process within in Photoshop CS4 Raw Converter, to keep the sky in detail, and make this photo good, in my opinion. The sun, as you can see, is coming from behind the cars, and lighting them well. I like it.

Love Filled...

This photo was also taken on one of the morning walks to take pictures. It’s Hanley Park, at 9:41am according to my cameras EXIF data. Interesting angles, as we were essentially under pressure to create good, exciting images. The best. Well, the best out of the photographers out there. I saw these words on the steps, got down to the angle needed, rotated the camera, and got this shot. Then, in photoshop CS4, i added the processing needed, including a vignette and made the photo “cleaner” – if thats the correct word!


This photo was taken at the Cambrian Rally Finish Line in Llandudno. As you can see, its very bright in the middle, and has a vignette. I own the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EC DC HSM lens, which as a feature of it, adds a vignette. Some people seem to object to that, and would say it’s a flaw – however, I like this. It focuses the eye into the middle of the image, or to the centre at least, and using it wide open at f/1.4, it works very well! This, then, is an effect I like, and one i replicated using Photoshop Lightroom, which I have just purchased for the student price.

Cambrian-Rally-4 Down the Street

Of the above photos, the rally one was processed using Photoshop Lightroom, and the other one using Photoshop CS4 Raw Converter, which I am led to believe is essentially the same thing. They all have vignettes. I think this adds to my pictures. I am looking for your comments on these. So, if you will…

If you click on the images, then you will be taken to my flickr site where you can view them larger.


4 Replies to “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”

  1. Looking good young Andrew. It’s all about ‘getting you eye in’.

    Just remember that photo-journalism is not about perfect light and conditions. Sometimes it is about grabbing the shot as the police are trying to kick the sh*t out of you.

    Do they teach that in college?

    1. Dom, for some reason they don’t do practicals in that. But i know that photojournalism, for quite a few photographers, can revolve around tense situations, conflict, and protests. Perfect light and conditions help a lot of photographers, but for photojournalists, getting pictures under pressure (essentially what these “assignments” are) give you a taste. Albeit with less violence and police involved.

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