Christmas Starts When…?

Christmas. The time of fun, of food, of gifts, of TV. Of religion, of church, of celebration. Of adverts, of commercialism… of December?

Christmas, now, doesn’t necessarily start in December. The above advert used to signal the start of christmas, which came around the start of december. However, Christmas now starts around August. Last bank holiday of the year, and the shops start stocking and preparing for the fesitive period – on Dragons Den, one of the dragons told a toy manufacturer that he should get his toys in to the retailers by the summer to ensure sales!

Christmas Dinner table at The Albert

People book Christmas dinners, have parties, and start talking about it beforehand. And its all advertisers faults! I’ve seen DFS and Argos christmas adverts over this weekend!

So, when should crimbo start? Thats been part of the discussion on Twitter this afternoon!

I said: Christmas is not allowed to start till my birthday is done with. That is in November. Sort it out, advertisers.

@SianySianySiany replied to me with @AndrewStuart Yep totally agree. And also, no one else is allowed to discuss their November birthdays until after mine has finished.

My birthday is the 22nd, SianySianySiany has hers on the 12th.

Then, @nicktheguitar said @SianySianySiany @andrewstuart Xmas doesn’t start til after @jemma1 has a birthday on 12 dec! Thems the rules.

And finally, @Tommy_Hill puts forward in this tweet his opinion: @AndrewStuart So I have to endure Christmas celebrations through my birthday? Nothing should be done before December 22nd!

So, here we go. Through standard Vox Pops (3 people, good range, good comments) edited for broadcast, We have decided that Christmas starts on December 23rd, right after Tommy’s birthday.

Another mystery solved.


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