Remembrance Sunday

Bike with Poppies

Today was and always will be Armistice Day, where we remember the war dead from the many wars we have been involved in over the years, right up until the last few days.

Armistice Day Soldiers

I attended the service in Llandudno. Starting from the Trinity Church on Trinity Square, and going to the Cenotaph on the Promenade, it attracts a lot of the residents of Llandudno.

Armistice Day Service

On the day that one national newspaper becomes the first to voice a clear statement on Britain in Afghanistan, It was good to see so many people out and about to remember the people who have died fighting to protect not just our own civil liberties and freedoms, but those of others around the world as well.

Armistice Day Veteran

So, on a day like today, it is right and proper, I believe, to put differences aside, and even if its just for two minutes at 11am, to remember our war dead. You may not agree with war, you may not even have an opinion, but the fact is soldiers lost their lives fighting for this country.

The pictures speak for themselves really.

Armistice Day Poppes


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