Could Charities Prosper This Christmas?

Poppies and Wreaths laid down for Charity
Now, Its coming up to Christmas during the longest recession in living memory – A time that mixes cutting costs and being encourage to spend. We are encouraged to spend by adverts, and the news focuses on how much shops make over the christmas period. The 6 weeks leading up to Christmas can also decide a shops fortunes for the next year – how much they have to spend and how much they earn.

But at the same time, we are needing to cut back. Being thrifty with the pennies seems the best way to go about things, as we cannot afford those little luxuries with the threat of job cuts and unaffordable costs every day.

So what do you do? One option seems to be charity shops.

Myself, and Faye Patrick, went out to Hanley in Stoke-On-Trent to find out what people think of buying from a charity shop, and if they would buy from one:


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