Foxy on the Tube

Just wanted to share this with the world, even though at the current count it has over 35,000 hits.

RadioKate, or Kate Arkless-Gray or as she is known on twitter, @radiokate spied this on her way home on Saturday night:

The fox Kate saw as she was on her way home - ©Kate Arkless-Gray/Barcroft Media

Yes, an urban fox, in London, but… on the tube! It’s one of the rarer sites in the world, really, and as she explains it stayed there for around a minute, until leaving off, possibly to catch the last bus. People have speculated as to where it came from, possible Foxford Circus, or Shepherds Bushy Tail….

So yeah, camera’s out and at the ready at all times. You never know when it’ll come in handy!


Radiokate on Flickr

The Metro article about this, featuring more images

Radiokate on Twitter


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