Winter Warmth and Sheep

Went out yesterday to Betws-Y-Coed – well, first went to Anglesea, then off to Bethesda, then to Betws, and through Llanrwst then off home to Llandudno! Yep, nice long sunday drive with my camera.

Sheep Eating

Saw these sheep and thought that my new 70-200 f/2.8 lens will come in very handy! And it did… fantastic stuff, love this lens, love the colours it produces and the quality of it!

Sheep Eating Grass

The sheep looked very cold, but they have wool around them! Lucky them!


I named this picture very simple: “Warmth”.

They obviously had the fire on, making a very cosy house on a day with temperatures of -3˚C and windchill of much less! Lucky them, keeping warm. At least my car has air-con!

Waterfall and Car

As i was going to take pictures of this waterfall, a car flew past me, and what could have been a ruined picture actually looks very good! The speed of nature and the speed of man against the serenity of the earth! Very nice shot…

I think I had quite a successful trip! A good photograph in all the places I went to and stopped (properly!). I have one from Bethesda too, but thats not on here yet.


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