Project 365 – Attempt 2

I did admit last April that my first attempt at Project 365 ended in disaster as i got too busy, and couldn’t take my pictures. It was destined for doom that one, I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it. But now, I am most definitely.

01/365 - A New Start

This is the typical first show. Early hours of the new year, champagne corks popped, people having fun – but it shows just what the project 365 is all about. It’s about getting a different shot and exploring your creativity, and having a bit of fun.

02/365 This... is Twenty-Ten

It’s for that reason i went out early on saturday morning (well, 9am, which is positively mid afternoon for the breakfast presenting and news teams!) and had a look round Llandudno. This took my eye – a typical book shop selling electronic goods and advertising its downfall in many ways. That symbolises the start of the new decade to me, twenty-ten. Technology taking over.

I embrace technology, I love it, but it seems that it is now all over. Is it good or bad… only time will tell! Maybe the time of this project – who knows?!

Keep checking back for more, and to see if I have done it!


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