Snow. Is it fun?

Currently, as I write this, I’m watching people say that they enjoy snow on Newsnight, and them make bad puns.

But earlier on today, I looked out the window and saw a small flurry of snow, which didn’t stick, on Madoc Street in Llandudno:

Snow on Madoc Street, Llandudno

Not bad, bit of snow, pretty ease to navigate to.

A look down Albert Street means that you can see just how much the snow does affect – blizzard-like conditions, for all of a few minutes(!) makes it that harder to get home

Snow up Albert Street, Llandudno

But we are sheltered in the middle of town. On the North Shore at Llandudno, you could see the waves going very, very high! I wouldn’t like to be out there:

Waves and traffic conditions, Llandudno Promenade.

And then, as we go to Colwyn Bay, we see a place that isn’t protected by the headland of the Great Orme, and see the harshness of the weather. No real snow, it certainly didn’t stick, but very big waves and a very big threat to safety!

Waves and traffic conditions along Colwyn Bay Promenade.

You wouldn’t go walking along there – I drove, and stayed very close to my car, and still nearly got hit.

Along the promenade, by the Colwyn Bay pier, the waves found a dip in the road surface, and surface water formed – making it more dangerous to pass, resulting in this:

05/365 - Flood

Incidentally, that was my project 365 shot of the day – really summed it up, I think!

Terrible weather if its not sunny and snowy. Newsnight has continued, and they are making good points – snow is brighter, so it makes you feel better, but people do have a terrible time.


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